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June 2021

Practice Update

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I hope this letter finds you well.

At present we are all too used to hearing bad news so I just wanted to get in touch to spread some good news for a change!

Firstly we greatly appreciate your continued understanding over this period and we hope you are happy with the treatment and service you receive at Oakland.

Over the past year, we have found the organisation of clinics particularly challenging with all the extra measures required and meeting the increased service demand. As many other health care providers have found, treatment waiting times and clinic access can suffer which is exactly what we want to avoid.

We are therefore very pleased to announce our dentist Louise Oliver, who has been working at the practice part time for the last 7 years will be doubling her clinical time from the start of July –
a wonderful boost to our dental provision.

You may already know,
Louise and I graduated together from the University of Sheffield and have been practicing dentistry for over 20 years. Our approach to dentistry is very similar with Louise even giving me my check-ups! When we hear of many practices having to find unknown clinicians to fulfil clinical needs, we are very lucky to have an exceptionally good clinician expanding her role at Oakland.

Currently, many dental practices remain either closed or are providing a skeleton service. Our ability to work within the guidelines, towards restoring a comprehensive service means we are well placed, should there be any further bumps in the road to recovery.

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Also, despite all the extra PPE provisions and with certain item costs increased in excess of 300%, like clinical gloves for example, we have not introduced separate PPE surcharges, something which is becoming common place in health care and we have no plans to do so.

Finally, I hope you are all enjoying these longer evenings and the sunshine that June has brought.

Take care and we look forward to seeing you soon.

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We have your safety in mind