Opening Times08:15 - 19:30

I have an appointment already booked, shall I attend?

We wanted to reassure you that our clinic will remain open within government advised guidelines throughout this pandemic. We will always be available on the end of the phone no matter what happens in the coming days. As this is a rapidly changing situation, we will contact you by telephone 24 hours before your appointment to discuss specific needs and advise on how we can proceed to ensure your safety. Currently the government has advised to post-pone all non-urgent care appointments for vulnerable patent groups and aerosol generating procedures, unless they are vital to enable a treatment to be undertaken.

How are we going to maintain the service?

Throughout this pandemic, having access to emergency care when it is required, is vitally important to you.  We are committed to ensuring our service is continuous and consistent throughout.

With this in mind, we have reorganised all shift patterns, with separate teams of clinical staff which have no cross over.  This means in the event of one team coming into contact with covid-19, the other teams will step up and be able to maintain our service.

We have also buddied up with our closest trusted dental practices who have high standards of care and cross-infection control, like ourselves.  This system provides extended possibilities for us and them, to maintain emergency dental care services.

Is the practice safe to visit?

As you will be aware our practice is a clean, well maintained environment.  We always adhere to the latest cross-infection guidance/legislation for all clinical and non-clinical areas.  We have increased disinfection procedures above and beyond normal operating protocol, to further aid our robust approach to cross infection control.

Our building benefits from an envirovent system, which supplies fresh external clean air to all rooms.  The practice has benefited from this system for many years, which controls airflow to ensure fresh air enters the rooms and old air is extracted from the building on a continuous 24 hour cycle, 7 days a week.

Will I have to sit in the waiting room?

There will be no waiting within the practice.  All appointment diaries have been changed in line with the new shift system.  We will be operating a single surgery with extended appointment times so the patient who requires treatment will be given access to the premises, escorted directly into the surgery, treated and aided out of the building.  An efficient patient flow will be maintained.

The surgery used will be rotated on a daily basis to enable deep surgery cleaning after each clinical session, which is in addition, to our existing stringent cross-infection control procedures.

How will the daily appointments be organised?

The early appointment slots will be prioritised for patients who fall within the vulnerable patient group.  This group is for patients with existing health conditions which result in a compromised immune system, circulatory system, and lung capacity and any patient 70 years of age or older.

How do the patients know we are well?

All staff are being temperature tested at the start of each day. Only staff 100% asymptomatic will be treating patients. Staff are also complying to the social distancing principals which the government has outlined, to dramatically reduce their risk of contracting the virus.

We will be constantly updating this page with the latest advice and will be adding to the questions list as we further try to reassure all our patients. Any questions which are asked by patients which are not already covered on this page will be added with a clarifying message.

I hope you find this page helpful and I wish you all good health.

Together we will get through this and come back stronger.

Kind regards

All at Oakland